Pracsi provides training to ensure that customers achieve the maximum performance from the metering systems and equipment provided. Training courses can be in-house (i.e. on site at the customer facilities), at the Pracsi facilities or service centers located throughout the Middle East.

 Training activities includes:

  • Principles of metering system design and selection of equipment and materials
  • How to achieve accurate and traceable flow measurements
  • Day to day operation of the metering system
  • Maintaining the metering system in good condition
  • Routine maintenance

Additional training can be supplied throughout the lifetime of a long term operation and maintenance contract to provide refresher training or additional information on modifications or upgrades made to the systems.

  • Process Control Systems

    Advanced Process Control Systems and Strategies. Systems are turn-key encompassing engineering design, procurement, manufacturing and installation commissioning.

  • Ultrasonic Metering Systems

    PrACSI Group supply turbine meters for use in refineries and petrochemical plants and because they are easy to calibrate in situ they are also used as master meters for liquid ultrasonic metering systems.

  • Metering control systems

    Metering control systems comprising flow computers, supervisory computer, PLC where applicable and auxiliary control equipment are integrated into a custom designed metering control panel.