Who We Are

Our Vision 
Provide Middle East based Supply, Engineering and Services to the Industrial Sector, Oil and Gas and Utilities companies. 

Develop Middle East based cores of Technology for improving the productivity and environmental compliance of Middle East industries. 

Enhance the viability of ME installed systems, reduce life cycle costs and increase return on investment by enhanced support and technology transfer. 

Grow through ownership and long term planning.

 3 Critical and Fully Integrated Objectives 
Provide individually tailored solutions which:

  1. Specifically meet client requirements
  2. Utilize and integrate expertise from the best in class companies around the world
  3. Enhance and promote technology transfer

Fiscal Responsibility 
Operate our company on a sound financial basis of profitable growth:

  1. Increasing the value for our partners and stakeholders
  2. Creating career opportunities and financial rewards for our employees.

Social Responsibility
Actively recognize the central role we occupy in the structure of society, championing innovative partnerships, projects and ideas to improve the quality of life and the environment of a broad community - in the Middle East, and around the world.
Growth Strategy 
Partnerships of all forms represent a central part of today’s economy. The drive for efficiency and innovation as well as the ongoing acceleration of deregulation, global trade and technology advancement makes partnerships a necessary competitive advantage:

  1. Allow organizations to reduce procurement costs, speed new products and services to market, and streamline supply and demand chains
  2. Help cut expenses by spreading the costs of building infrastructure among participants
  3. Represent the fastest means to spread influence across a network, and, therefore, to build value…and the foundation of PrACSI’s growth strategy

Our growth strategy will continue to leverage strategic business partnerships to:

  1. Expand PrACSI client base by developing or acquiring profitable partnerships in new markets
  2. Develop and implement client-focused, value-driven best-in-class solutions
  3. Provide funding for increased business activity

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