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PrACSI offers a variety of services associated with our products and systems. These are segregated in the following categories:

Specification Services

Our engineers can review your existing installation, design requirements and prepare design specifications for Control and Instrumentation Solutions suitable to your application, budget and requirements


Pre-Engineering services will consist of:

  • As Building of existing drawings
  • Preparation of preliminary drawings
  • Bid Packages
  • Assistance in Evaluation of Bids, Bid Verification
  • Reports on compliance


  • Detailed Specification of a proposed Solution
  • Detailed Design Preparation
  • Procurement Services
  • Design Verification


  • Manufacturing of Panels a per Design Documents
  • Wiring of Terminations, Isolation and I/O cards
  • Preparation of systems, mounting of equipment
  • Power Distribution
  • Testing


  • Integration of Multiple Systems
  • Specification of Protocols and Communications

Upgrade – Modification

  • PrACSI can provide Upgrade / Modification services for existing systems
  • Hot Change out
  • Re-programming
  • Re-configuration
  • Expansion of Control Systems
  • Modification to meet Process Changes
  • Re-tuning


  • Installation services for Control Systems
  • Field Wiring
  • Termination
  • Demobilization of equipment
  • Mobilization of new equipment
  • Loop Checking
  • Testing

Support and Maintenance

  • Planned Maintenance
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • Spares Management Programs


  • For all systems provided and supported by PrACSI we provide
  • In house training
  • On site Training
  • Maintenance Manuals


  • Pre and Post Audit of Control Systems
  • Financial evaluation of Installations
  • Assessment of Upgrade / Modification / Replacement Costs
  • Techno economic Analysis

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